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ShotClip: Storybuilding App and Online Video Editor

Shotclip. Build your story, scene by scene.

Making you a moviemaker. ShotClip makes anyone a moviemaker through an interactive story-building app and a collaborative cloud based video editor. Whether it’s a concert, conference, tourist location or sporting event, people can use ShotClip to create really cool videos and telling a captivating story.

Anyone who wants to edit a video can use ShotClip. From beginners to professionals.

We put the emphasis on storytelling. The majority of videos on youtube or shared on social media are unedited or disorganized and don't tell a real story. This is where shotclip can help. With a structured template of scene by scene, shot by shot breakdown making it easy to shoot, organize and edit clips. We are the first video editor that plans your video from start to finish, helping you tell a story, rather than just edit a video.


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ShotClip Beta

User reviews about ShotClip

  • bootzey

    by bootzey

    "great product"

    Shotclip is a great product. Cant believe this wasnt thought off before. More.

    reviewed on July 21, 2014

  • JMcK22

    by JMcK22

    "Easy to use online video editor"

    Easy to use online video editor that has templates to help you create interesting home movies. More.

    reviewed on July 21, 2014